My name is Thibaut Allender.

25 years of experience has seen me span technology disciplines from web design, back-end, front-end, accessible and responsive design to Internet of Things.

With a passion for simple but yet creative and elegant solutions, problem solving and interaction between the physical and digital spaces, I make sure the designs and UX interaction concepts come to life, from early prototypes to the final product, in a timely manner.

A bit of history

I acquired my first (28.8k) modem in 1995 and created my first website in 1996 but you probably don’t want to see it.

In Europe, I've been a full stack developer / tech lead for big companies or digital/advertising agencies - 5 years employed, 10 years freelance and a business owner for 3 years.

Shortly after moving to Brisbane, SapientRazorfish Publicis Sapient hired me as a front-end developer where I sharpened my HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, SASS, Vue.js, rapid prototyping, and IoT skills.

Now, I'm a technical lead developing a Design System and Internal/External customer facing applications, with a focus on accessibility, performance, and human centric design.

On the side, I mix electronic music, restore pinball machines and tinker on anything that can be taken apart. I actually started my own side business and operate pinball machines in the Brisbane area, while providing various pinball related data to the competitive community.

Check my LinkedIn profile or just contact me to know more!


This page doesn't use any framework or library and only runs 268 uncompressed bytes of javascript (Google analytics excluded), solely to add a bit of fun to the logo when navigating.

It is fully accessible, responsive and loads super quick, like any project I work on, or do my best to improve.

Latest works

This is a short but relevant selection of my work. There's much more to explain and discuss.


You have a question or you just want to say hello? Go on, send me an email!